Good Friday 2018 – FINISH

March 30, 2018

Chris Stewart shares a thought about what are perhaps the most important words ever spoken in the history of the world, "It is finished." 


Sunday Teaching: Vision, Values and Strategic Plan for Oasis Church Athens (03/25/18)

March 29, 2018

Chris Stewart shares the mission, vision and values and maps out the strategic plan of the elders for the immediate future of Oasis Church in Athens, OH.


SPECIAL EPISODE – Part 3B: Strategy and Plan (Chris and Ryan)

March 27, 2018

Chris Stewart and Ryan Myles continue their conversation about Oasis Church by discussing the strategy and plan of action for the church in the coming days and months.


SPECIAL EPISODE – Part 3: Mission, Vision, Values (Chris and Ryan)

March 26, 2018

Chris Stewart and Ryan Myles sit down to talk about the Mission, Vision and Values of Oasis Church Athens.


Oasis Sermon: “The Kingdom of God and the Church” by Ryan Myles (03/18/18)

March 21, 2018

Ryan Myles preaches on the Kingdom of God and the Church's (big "C") role in the Kingdom. 


SPECIAL EPISODE – Part 2: How It Began

March 19, 2018

Part 2 of the series of episodes we are releasing in which we are outlining the renewed vision God has given the oasis leadership. In this episode, Chris Stewart recalls some of the planting Oasis Church and soem of the events surrounding the initial beginning days of the church.


SPECIAL EPISODE – Part 1: Vision, Values & Strategy 2018

March 12, 2018

This is the first of a 3-part special episode series in which Oasis Church leaders communicate and outline a fresh and new vision for the local church known as Oasis Church Athens. New vision brings change, and change is often difficult to understand and embrace. For this reason, it is our prayer and intention to navigate slowly through the process of how God has been leading us and pointing out direction for our future ministry.

Please feel free to share these things with others, dialogue about them, but most importantly, pray about them and pray for the leaders. We have confidence that through this renewal of focus and a clear definition of vision, God will be glorified and we will get to reap the benefits of being fully satisfied in Him.


Oasis Teaching: Sharing Burdens and Carrying Loads (Galatians 6:1-6) –– 03/11/18

March 12, 2018

Chris Stewart shares some important words for the church from Galatians 6.


Oasis Teaching: “Two Ways to Live” (Galatians 5:16-26) – 03/04/18

March 5, 2018

Chris Stewart preaches on Galatians 5:16-26, where the apostle Paul describes the difference between living by the flesh versus living by the Spirit, and especially being guided by and motivated by the fruits of the Spirit. 


Oasis Teaching: “Free to Do Good” (Galatians 5) – 02/25/18

February 25, 2018

Chris Stewart continues the Oasis Church Athens Sunday morning study through the book of Galatians. This message included a lot of great open discussion and dialogue with those who were present. Since the microphone did not pick up all of the comments, the audio will appear to skip ahead in a few places after going through the editing process. We don't think it is too distracting or difficult to follow, as we attempted to keep the main context of the teaching flow in the recording.